Let’s Listen, Learn, and Lean In to our Souls with Shannon Yonge of SoulChicks

Let’s Listen, Learn, and Lean In to our Souls with Shannon Yonge of SoulChicks

My guest for today’s episode is Shannon Yonge, co-founder and Soul Restorator Instructor at SoulChicks, a place for women looking forward to living deeper, truer, and braver. After an extreme situation in her life, Shannon had to find the time and place to heal, regroup, and start over – and SoulChicks is a safe place to do just that.

In this episode, we talk about how SoulChiks helps women to heal. Shannon shares her path from betrayal and abuse to trusting people again, starting over again, and giving her permission to edit her life, and how her dream of helping other women to thrive started. 

Tune in to Episode 7 of Bravefull to hear more!

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How did you get to SoulChicks? (3:00)
  • What did it mean to you having to edit your life? (6:57)
  • How did you learn to build trust in people again? (9:10)
  • How did you distract yourself from the thought of what happened to you? (11:40)
  • You put out into the universe how you wanted your business’ partner to be, and it came back. Could you talk a little bit about that? (20:14)
  • Do you have a community of women that can support you as you go through your soul goals? (29:47)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • We get an invitation to live every day (9:30)
  • The importance of processing pain and traumas (13:35)
  • The only way to the other side of pain is through it; we cannot go around it (15:25)
  • Being intentional and showing up for ourselves every day (26:41)
  • The power of wearing your words (38:31)

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Connecting on the Podcast “OverFlow with Kimberly Snider”

I am OverFlowing with Gratitude. I am giving myself to Permission to be Bravefull today. Thank you Kim!

Episode 18 Listen, Learn and Lean In with Amy Ziegert 

Season 2, Ep. 2

Amy shares her Bravefull inspiration as well as issues permission slips for 2021. 

Amy is the creator of Bravefull: a Podcast for Achieving Women. Her mission is to connect with High Achieving Women and share their stories of achievements to inspire others and lift them for success in their life. 

This episode we talk about giving our self a permission slip. Give yourself permission. Permission to take a risk. …to be authentic. …to be open to what’s out there. …to slow down and appreciate your life.

It’s easy to be faking the happiness amidst all the expectations layering on. Maybe 2021 is the year to listen closely, learn and observe and then lean in. 

What is your Word of Year this year? What will be your guiding North Star for the year that will remind you of your direction, your energy to fulfill be authentic while at the same time enticing you to take risks, perhaps make mistakes followed by looking back, learning, and then compelling you to lean in to take that risk?

CONNECT is my word for 2021.

A Conversation with My Pocket CEO, Caryn Mefford


Joining me on the podcast today is an incredibly inspiring woman, Caryn Mefford, the CEO of the consulting company, My Pocket CEO. Caryn took a risk and started her consulting company, putting ideology into action. My Pocket CEO’s unique separating factor is that Caryn focuses on bringing her clients human power to guide them to success. 

In this episode, we discuss how My Pocket CEO came to be and how she has helped her clients tap into their human power to help their businesses soar. We dive into what she calls ‘zones of genius’, what her challenges have been, and what is on the horizon for her in 2021. 

Tune in to Episode 6 of Bravefull to hear more!

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What in your head said “I can go out on my own and create Pocket CEO (7:16)
  • What is ‘zones of genius? (18:36)
  • What gave you the confidence to know you could go out and do this? (25:18)
  • What has been your greatest challenge? (36:23)
  • Do you have your word for 2021? (52:41)

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • About the value of human power in business (11:00)
  • How Caryn helps her clients apply their human power (23:39)
  • Why self-examination is where the freedom lies (29:33)
  • Why emotion is behind every transaction (44:42)
  • What Caryn sees on the horizon for 2021 (1:00:38)

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Boundaries for a New Year

Hello and Happy Holidays!!! Episode 5 is up and running. Have you ever wanted to just visualize REAL boundaries for people who set your emotions and thoughts into a negative spiral? If you have those feelings, then listen to this weeks episode. You will be given a tool to help you set boundaries. A tool where you can visualize this person, set off in a distant or sitting with you.

Setting Boundaries is a necessary step to start your New Year off right and is vital as you set goals. Negativity is a Goal setting nightmare in the dreams of your life. so let’s set some Boundaries.

Listen, Learn, and Lean in This 2021

Ep. 5

Today, I wanted to take a moment to reflect. 

As the new year is right around the corner, it’s safe to say we’re all fairly pleased to be seeing the tail end of 2020. Though it’s been one of the most challenging years yet, we should all give ourselves the gratitude we deserve for making it through to the end and navigating past the challenges this pandemic has brought upon so many of us.

In this episode, I’ll be sharing what I hope to achieve throughout 2021, why the holidays, in particular, are such a special time for me, as well as how I’ve learned to see the beauty in the small things. 

Tune in to Episode 5 of Bravefull to hear more!

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  1. Why the holidays make me more appreciative of my family (0:37)
  2. What I’ve learned from Melody Ross’s ‘house analogy’ (2:35)
  3. Why the little things have brought me joy this Christmas (4:16)
  4. Why practicing gratitude is so important to me (6:24)
  5. How I’ve taken the initiative to fulfill personal goals (7:30)
  6. How I’m going to prioritize self-care in the new year (9:28)

Vision for 2021

Now that 2020 is on its way out the door. I can say good riddance but I can also say thank you. I learned quite a bit about my self. My 2020 goals were centered around my word RESTORE. I had to recover from the loss of loved ones over the span of a couple of years. I had to restore my health from stress at work. I had to restore my passion for success after having 5 bosses in 11 months. I had to restore my gratitude for the little things after being overwhelmed by the pandemic. I am on the journey of restoration. I have learned to provide self care through focusing on 1 word, RESTORE. The power of words matter not just when you’re a kid on the playground or sending an email, but it matters as you focus on the days, months and year in front of you.

What will your word for 2021 be?

Here at Bravefull, I would love to help you find your word and help you discover your possibility for a wonder-filled 2021.

BraveFull was my word in 2018. The vision became my reality
Restore was my word in 2020. Believe it or not the pandemic gave me the opportunity to RESTORE.

Please join me on January 24th to create your word and vision board from 12-4pm. The link to sign up is below. The cost for the class is $249. I will send you the supply list after you register. Collect magazines and newspapers for unique words. Get ready to Listen , Learn and Lean In to the Art of your Possibilities.


Hope Academy Recovery High School,

Podcast for Hope

Balancing and Bringing Together our Two Energies with Noa Ronen Bravefull

Naming and classifying things give us order and direction; it is helpful to know where we can find those things and perhaps what to expect from them. Something similar happens when we meet someone. We put them in a box and create an idea of how they are, how they think, and so forth, depending on their title or job. But most importantly, we do that to ourselves; we place ourselves in the category we think we belong to, and that can be limiting. We'll hardly picture ourselves doing something different from what someone in that box is expected to do. Today I'm joined by Noa Ronen, a true outside of the box coach. She is an Executive Coach, Author, a Group Coach, Blogger, and a Vlogger. Noa has over 20 years of experience in change management, HR and project management, talent development and relocation, and ex-pat coaching. Throughout her coaching, Noa's mission is to help people dare, stirring a conscious leaders' movement. In this episode, we talked about Noa's particular journey in becoming a coach, her idea of coaching before, and how it evolved into what it is today. We also talked about the differences between being and doing energy and what we can do to find our courage. Noa kindly shared her perspective on values and how they guide us throughout our lives. We talked about her latest book, about her ego, and how she reassessed her why after asking honest questions to herself. Noa also shared the details of her Walking Mastermind, a revolutionary coaching group session she does for no charge. Tune in to Episode 15 of Bravefull to hear more!Some Questions I Ask:You talked about doing energy and being energy. Can you expand on that a little bit? (9:28)You have written a book, write on your blog, and vlogging; how are you feeling about that now? (15:19)Could you tell me about the mastermind? I'm intrigued (23:40)How many people, on average, participate in your Walking Mastermind group? (34:59)How has COVID affected your coaching? (42:52)In This Episode, You Will Learn:A life-changing experience in Noa's life (3:15)The two types of energy we have and what happens when we don't balance them (8:35)How Noa decided to take a break and stop being on her way (12:04)Values are our compass. How people that share values tend to hang out together (21:53)What Noa's revolutionary Walking Mastermind coaching sessions are about (33:55)Resources:Noa Ronen's websiteBook: Noa Ronen – BEyond: Leadership From AwareLess to AwareNess. Book: Napoleon Hill – Think & Grow RichBook: The Arbinger Institute – The Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the Heart of ConflictBook: James Clear – Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad OnesConnect with Noa:LinkedInFacebookTwitterInstagramLet 's Connect!WebsiteEmail: alqziegert@gmail.com See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
  1. Balancing and Bringing Together our Two Energies with Noa Ronen
  2. A Survivor's Tale. Jan Canty's Incredible Story of Bravery and Resilience
  3. Committing to the Larger Whole, Malembe Rise
  4. Defining Success to Meet your Goals with Karen Mangia
  5. Become the Best Version of Yourself with Melissa Pas Blake, a Rapid Transformational Therapy teacher and Founder of Pasitive Solutions

Thank you for listening today. If you have been inspired, please think about giving to Malembe Rise.


Bravefull, Podcast for achieving women

Episode 2 Put your blinders on and focus

Put Your Blinders On and Focus

When you focus on your goals and don’t let yourself get distracted by every obstacle that gets in your way, you are bound to have great success. You need to put yourself in the forefront because your voice is just as important as everyone else’s, and surround yourself with people that support and are there right beside you as you overcome the challenges that arise.

In today’s episode, I wanted to present a woman who has taken the leap of faith, trusted her guts, and partnered with a great group of individuals to create a successful company that delivers excellence to its clients.

Janet Stiller is the CEO and Founder of Lucidia IT – an engineering lead organization that focuses on its customers by understanding their challenges, their strengths, and their future goals. They provide architecture with both design and procurement of the solution, the implementation, and the support of that solution.

I can’t wait for you to meet this amazing woman whose desire for her company’s success speaks volumes with what she delivers to her employees, customers, and partners. We discuss her journey from leaving a successful career behind and venturing into starting her own business, as well as how women should start viewing themselves in order to achieve greater heights.

Tune in to Episode 2 of BraveFull, to find out more!

Some questions I ask:

  • What got your brave pants on and got you going? (02:26)
  • What were some of the blockers that were in your way? (04:06)
  • What are some of the gifts that you have received from a business perspective by taking the leap and getting the certifications that you have? (15:00)
  • If you had to give advice to your younger self, what would you tell her today, that would lead you straight to here? (20:34)
  • What are some of your plans for Lucidia? (23:40)
  • Why did you name your company Lucidia IT? (28:18)
  • Do you think women have to struggle more than men to get validated in their fields? (30:06)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The importance of trusting your team and empowering them. (07:46)
  • How to create a partner culture with your customers and manufacturers. (10:44)
  • Why it’s important to make decisions with your employees in mind. (12:50)
  • Why you deserve a seat at the table. (21:38)
  • How women tend to run their businesses. (25:00)
  • What the concept of putting your blinders on and focus means. (27:06)
  • What Janet considers her greatest achievement is. (31:30)

Connect with Janet:

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Resources mentioned in the episode:

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