Bravefull, Podcast for achieving women

Episode 2 Put your blinders on and focus

Put Your Blinders On and Focus

When you focus on your goals and don’t let yourself get distracted by every obstacle that gets in your way, you are bound to have great success. You need to put yourself in the forefront because your voice is just as important as everyone else’s, and surround yourself with people that support and are there right beside you as you overcome the challenges that arise.

In today’s episode, I wanted to present a woman who has taken the leap of faith, trusted her guts, and partnered with a great group of individuals to create a successful company that delivers excellence to its clients.

Janet Stiller is the CEO and Founder of Lucidia IT – an engineering lead organization that focuses on its customers by understanding their challenges, their strengths, and their future goals. They provide architecture with both design and procurement of the solution, the implementation, and the support of that solution.

I can’t wait for you to meet this amazing woman whose desire for her company’s success speaks volumes with what she delivers to her employees, customers, and partners. We discuss her journey from leaving a successful career behind and venturing into starting her own business, as well as how women should start viewing themselves in order to achieve greater heights.

Tune in to Episode 2 of BraveFull, to find out more!

Some questions I ask:

  • What got your brave pants on and got you going? (02:26)
  • What were some of the blockers that were in your way? (04:06)
  • What are some of the gifts that you have received from a business perspective by taking the leap and getting the certifications that you have? (15:00)
  • If you had to give advice to your younger self, what would you tell her today, that would lead you straight to here? (20:34)
  • What are some of your plans for Lucidia? (23:40)
  • Why did you name your company Lucidia IT? (28:18)
  • Do you think women have to struggle more than men to get validated in their fields? (30:06)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The importance of trusting your team and empowering them. (07:46)
  • How to create a partner culture with your customers and manufacturers. (10:44)
  • Why it’s important to make decisions with your employees in mind. (12:50)
  • Why you deserve a seat at the table. (21:38)
  • How women tend to run their businesses. (25:00)
  • What the concept of putting your blinders on and focus means. (27:06)
  • What Janet considers her greatest achievement is. (31:30)

Connect with Janet:

Let’s Connect!

Resources mentioned in the episode:

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