An Expanded Worldview

The Importance of an Expanded Worldview with Tayo Rockson

Almost one year after our first conversation, I’m honored to welcome Sarah Castor to the show again. This time, to talk about Malembe Rise’s next event on September 18th, 2021, which will have Tayo Rockson as its main attraction. 


In this episode, we discuss why Malembe Rise chose Tayo over hundreds of orators and the things he brings to the table others speakers don’t. We also talk about the communication issues the world is experiencing, the importance of celebrating our differences and build with them, rather than separate and destroy. Sarah shares her expectations about the event and the things she believes we can accomplish through it. 


Some Questions I Ask:

  • Why did you decide to have an event with Tayo versus just doing something that says, please give to Malembe Rise? (1:29)
  • How do you think his presence will add to our mission’s conversation? (5:45)
  • What would you say it is if you had to sum up what you want this event to accomplish? (9:10)


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The things Tayo can add that no one else can (2:48)
  • Tayo’s message is necessary for Indianapolis, the US, and the world (4:02)
  • The things people can expect from joining Tayo’s event (7:13)
  • There is a lot of people hungry for a change around the world (12:25)




Connect With Sarah Castor:


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