A Conversation with My Pocket CEO, Caryn Mefford


Joining me on the podcast today is an incredibly inspiring woman, Caryn Mefford, the CEO of the consulting company, My Pocket CEO. Caryn took a risk and started her consulting company, putting ideology into action. My Pocket CEO’s unique separating factor is that Caryn focuses on bringing her clients human power to guide them to success. 

In this episode, we discuss how My Pocket CEO came to be and how she has helped her clients tap into their human power to help their businesses soar. We dive into what she calls ‘zones of genius’, what her challenges have been, and what is on the horizon for her in 2021. 

Tune in to Episode 6 of Bravefull to hear more!

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What in your head said “I can go out on my own and create Pocket CEO (7:16)
  • What is ‘zones of genius? (18:36)
  • What gave you the confidence to know you could go out and do this? (25:18)
  • What has been your greatest challenge? (36:23)
  • Do you have your word for 2021? (52:41)

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • About the value of human power in business (11:00)
  • How Caryn helps her clients apply their human power (23:39)
  • Why self-examination is where the freedom lies (29:33)
  • Why emotion is behind every transaction (44:42)
  • What Caryn sees on the horizon for 2021 (1:00:38)

Let’s Connect!

Connect With Caryn:


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