Discovering the Intuitive Style of Elizabeth Vanderliet

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Bravefull Episode 10

Intuition is a gift all of us have at birth; some develop it through life, others shut it completely. As kids, we are taught to silence intuition’s voice with logical thinking, and the stereotypes around intuition complete the job. That is how our intuitive thinking potential is buried and forgotten. We grow and reinforce the accepted teachings, like a plant that was never rotated, rising towards the sunlight. 

Today, I chat with Elizabeth Vanderliet; she is a painter and an intuitive artist. Elizabeth has a Bachelor in Science in Design and Photography and worked as a photographer for over eight years. She is also a certified Rolfer and a medium. A few years ago, she reconnected with her intuitive thinking, and since then, she performs intuitive readings and produces intuitive artwork based on those readings. 

In this episode, we discuss the responsibilities attached to intuition, her painting, and the connection between her art and her intuition gift. She also talked about the leap of faith on starting doing intuitive readings and the validation process to ensure her readings were accurate. We talked about the relevance of being expansive and tagging our work as either priceless or worthless. 

Tune in to Episode 10 of Bravefull to hear more!

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Tell me about what it means to be intuitive (2:08)
  • What are you doing to nurture your gift of intuition? (4:21)
  • How do you maintain your center without doing your rolfing? (6:41)
  • When you’re painting, are you looking at a picture somewhere, or the images come from your mind? (12:01)
  • What is your process of getting centered? (19:08)
  • Do you want to get the word out of what you’re doing? What’s your goal for 2021 to make this happen? (28:14)
  • So, in a nutshell, what have you learned? (42:32)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A plant that has never been rotated (3:36)
  • Getting validation to confirm intuitive readings (13:56)
  • Why some people prefer to avoid readings (16:27)
  • Alignment is about freedom and expansion (21:53)
  • What we do is either priceless or worthless (29:35)
  • We must fill ourselves up before filling others (38:29)


Connect with Elizabeth:

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