Become the Best Version of Yourself with Melissa Pas Blake

Click the link to listen to a great discussion on becoming the best version of you.

Become the Best Version of Yourself with Melissa Pas Blake, a Rapid Transformational Therapy teacher and Founder of Pasitive Solutions

Many disorders in adult life can have their origin in childhood trauma. It doesn’t need to be a hugely traumatic experience; it can be a minor incident with massive repercussions. There may be things we don’t know, but our minds do, and with proper guidance, it is possible to dig old memories from our past, learn about them, understand them, and most importantly, heal them. 

In this episode, I chat with Melissa Pas Blake, Clinical Hypnotherapist and founder of Pasitive Solutions. She uses RTT – Rapid Transformational Therapy – to help people heal, forgive, and most importantly, allow themselves to be their best selves. She turned her personal traumatic experiences into a system to help people.

After realizing the medical treatment she was getting to overcome a personal tragedy wasn’t working, Melissa decided to try a different type of healing, and that’s how she met her mentor, who took her on her first hypnotherapy experience. She had excellent results and decided to become a hypnotherapist herself. After studying hard and lots of practice, she got licensed and started a fantastic journey, helping people solve health issues, emotional trauma, and the list goes on. 

We had a fantastic conversation about hypnosis, the feelings that hold us back, her why, changing behaviors, and why anxiety is considered a warning of something worse. She kindly spoke about our responsibilities over our reactions, tips for moms, and much more. 

Tune in to Episode 12 of Bravefull to hear more!

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Could you explain what RTT is? (2:24)
  • What brought you to RTT? (6:08)
  • As you have embarked on this RTT journey, what strength has it given you to keep going on and doing this? (14:32)
  • Do you think that the episodes in your life brought you to doing RTT? (33:06)
  • What’s the process if somebody would like to experience RTT? (36:07)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The power of understanding our WHEN, WHERE, WHAT, HOW, and WHY (5:49)
  • Why we tend to hold ourselves back (14:10)
  • What it really means to be a leader (23:40)
  • Tips for moms. How to boost child’s confidence (26:24)
  • The lemon test (27:38)
  • Loving ourselves more than anything (31:08)


Connect with Melissa:

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